Service Projects

Back Country Horsemen of America Trains US Soldiers in Horse Handling


Back Country Horsemen of America works hard across the country to keep trails open for horse use. They know the many benefits of horses, such as giving youth the confidence they need to succeed in life, and providing adults with stress-relieving recreation. Horses and mules are also invaluable in allowing us to enter fragile wilderness areas without the damage of … Read More

Big South Fork BCH holds Annual Fundraiser to Help the Park Service Maintain Trails


Some of the Big South Fork BCH members standing on the new Zenith Crossing. On September 12th the Back Country Horsemen of the Big South Fork held their annual fundraiser at Zenith Stables, where the group raised over $1,500.00, to continue their work of helping the Park Service maintain the trails in the Big South Fork. It all started with … Read More

BCH of Utah Chapter Receives Power of Service Award


Back Country Horsemen of America leads our quest to protect our right to ride horses on public lands with a lifestyle of volunteerism. Across the country, on any given day, Back Country Horsemen are donating their time, effort, skill, and resources to trail maintenance, responsible recreation education, community outreach, being our voice in public lands planning meetings, and so much … Read More

Arkansas BCH Cowgirls Take their Pack Trip Purchased at Last Years Crowdfunding Campaign


Heading home after a most successful pack trip in the Emigrant Wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest in California–trail boss Dennis Serpa riding Poppy and leading 3 other mules, Theis Thoming riding his Arab Jess, Jacque Alexander riding Johnny the Mule, Lee Owning riding Sato and pulling 3 mules, Karen Lopes riding her quarter horse Junior and leading Dolly, and … Read More

BCHA Maintains and Repairs Multi-Use Trails


Back Country Horsemen of America values our nation’s beautiful landscape and works hard to protect our right to enjoy these lands by horseback. They also believe in being good stewards of this limited natural resource by practicing sound outdoor ethics, participating in trail maintenance, and sharing the trails with other users. To this end, BCH folks forge strong relationships with … Read More

BCHC Sierra Freepackers head to Granite Creek


As a recipient of one of the $1000.00 BCHA Grants, fifteen members of the Sierra Freepackers headed to Granite Creek on Sunday, July 5, 2015. Our original plan was to pack in to 77 Corral and start on the removal of the stock fence per the Forest Service request. After the Forest Service looked at usage of the area and that … Read More

BCHW Bar B Q Flats Project


How long does it take to tear down and replace a 1000 foot fence?  Two days – if you have 30 Back Country Horsemen of Washington (BCHW) volunteers, a tractor with a backhoe, two tractors with frontend loaders, two quads with trailers plus every tool imaginable to dig post holes in rocky terrain. Bar B Q Flats, a pine forest … Read More

BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service


Do you have a service project you would like to accomplish on a nearby national forest? BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service related to trail maintenance and public education and outreach. We recommend you share a copy of the MOU with your local forest, this is not a very good … Read More

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