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Sierra Free Packers Improve Trail Safety

Report on BCHA Educational Grant to Sierra Freepackers During the summer months of 2018 members of the Sierra Freepackers used $1000 funds provided by a BCHA Education Grant for our ongoing project on the Spring Cove and Goat Mountain Trails. We maintain these two trails through our volunteer service agreement with the Sierra National Forest/Bass Lake Ranger District. The two … Read More

BCH of North Carolina Holds LNT Course

I have included photos but want the Educational Foundation of BCHA to know how much the NC BCH grant was appreciated.  The photos will show you the use of materials and supplies as well as the 10 by 20 canopy for the LNT course.  This course had 7 attendees, five of which just graduated from high school and one that … Read More

Summer News Letter 2018

Click here to Open the Summer News letter 2018 Inside this Issue Public Lands Report 2 From the Chairman’s Saddle 3 Media and Marketing Reports 3 Funding Committee Report 4 Education Committee Reports 4 Resolution on Youth Membership 5 Meeting a Horse on the Trail 5 Thank You Donors! 6-7 National Board Meeting Photos 8

BCHA Facebook info

IF your not seeing any BCHA Facebook post check a few things first Do you have the correct name entered in the address bar? below the top picture you will see the “Following button” under the left corner. When the drop box appears make sure you have “See First” checked instead of “Default”. When your State or Chapter Face book … Read More

Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

FSH 6709 OSHA PPE This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Back Country Horsemen of America Work Promotes a Healthy Economy

Back Country Horsemen of America Work Promotes a Healthy Economy by Sarah Wynne Jackson For over 40 years, Back Country Horsemen of America has led the movement to keep trails open for horse use, because they know that wild places are good for the spirit, good for the mind, good for the body, good for the young, good for the … Read More

Territorial Riders BCHO Elk Lake Creek Trail Restoration RTP Grant Project

by Tim Lagasse – Please contact me with any questions – The Mt. Hood National Forest has some steep and rugged country, and Bull of the Woods Wilderness is probably some of the most rugged and isolated country in the Mt. Hood.  In addition, in 2010, a significantly sized, and very hot, forest fire burned out the center of … Read More

Newsletter , Spring of 2018 Issue

Click here to Open the Spring 2018 Newsletter Inside this Issue Public Lands Report 2 From the Chairman’s Saddle 3 Recruiting New Members 3 Facts About Trails Act 4 Catch Pen 5 Chapter Articles 6-7 Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account: Statistics 8

Back Country Horsemen of America Tackles the Tough Challenges at Annual Meeting

Back Country Horsemen of America Tackles the Tough Challenges at Annual Meeting by Sarah Wynne Jackson After over 40 years of keeping trails open for horse use, Back Country Horsemen of America still stands up for the recreational horseback rider who ambles about the front country for an hour or two, as well as the outfitter with a six-mule pack … Read More

Press Release spring 2018

    The Back Country Horsemen Education Foundation: Keeping Trails Open, One Project at a Time by Sarah Wynne Jackson As a service organization with an exemplary record of volunteerism, Back Country Horsemen of America knows the true cost of keeping trails open, not only for horse use but for all users of every kind. They occasionally receive donations of … Read More

San Juan BCH of Colorado Work To Clear Trail

Back Country Horsemen of America believes in the premise of America’s Wildernesses, and leads our nation both on the trail and in houses of government in preserving those wild lands. Highly respected for their knowledge, integrity, and work ethic, BCHA collaborates extensively with land management agencies and other trail user groups to create practical solutions to the problems that threaten … Read More

BCHA Education Foundation Grant Project Report.

2017 Back Country Horsemen Education Foundation Grant Accomplishment Report The San Joaquin-Sierra Unit of BCH of California submitted a grant proposal to help cover member’s costs for providing volunteer service to the Sierra National Forest. Work parties were organized to work on both wilderness and non-wilderness trails in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wildernesses near Edison Lake as well … Read More

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