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San Juan BCH of Colorado Work To Clear Trail

Back Country Horsemen of America believes in the premise of America’s Wildernesses, and leads our nation both on the trail and in houses of government in preserving those wild lands. Highly respected for their knowledge, integrity, and work ethic, BCHA collaborates extensively with land management agencies and other trail user groups to create practical solutions to the problems that threaten … Read More

BCHA Education Foundation Grant Project Report.

2017 Back Country Horsemen Education Foundation Grant Accomplishment Report The San Joaquin-Sierra Unit of BCH of California submitted a grant proposal to help cover member’s costs for providing volunteer service to the Sierra National Forest. Work parties were organized to work on both wilderness and non-wilderness trails in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wildernesses near Edison Lake as well … Read More

How Can Kids Reach Out To Congress

How Can Kids Reach Out To Congress Just because you can’t vote yet doesn’t mean you can’t voice your view on things that matter to you. Your representatives in congress represent everyone in their district, including children. By reaching out to your congressman or woman, you can help influence their vote on potential laws and regulations that affect you, your … Read More

Shoshone BCH get the job done

Back Country Horsemen of America Makes a Good Trail Ride a Great One by Sarah Wynne Jackson Back Country Horsemen of America works hard to keep trails open for horse use across the nation. They also dedicate their time and effort to making sure equestrians have the amenities they need to fully enjoy their trail experience. Adequate parking at trailheads, … Read More

Olympic Back Country Horsemen

Back Country Horsemen of America Cares for the Front Country Gems Outside Your Back Door by Sarah Wynne Jackson Back Country Horsemen of America formed over 40 years ago to protect our right to ride horses on public lands. The original founders cherished the wide swaths of wild land that encompass hundreds of thousands of acres with trails inaccessible to … Read More

Back Country Horsemen of Tennessee

Back Country Horsemen of America Strikes a Balance Between Recreation and Preservation by Sarah Wynne Jackson From its inception over 40 years ago, Back Country Horsemen of America established a solid reputation as a service organization. Its members are known as hard-working, knowledgeable folks who turn up when there’s a job to be done. Some people wonder why. Why would … Read More

Winter Newsletter 2018

Click here to Open the Winter 2018 Newsletter Inside This Issue Chairmans letter 3 National Report 4-5 Catch Pen 6-7 Youth 7 Chapter Articles 8-11 Bitterroot Clan Honored 12 Welcome Iowa 12

This American Land – November Edition

November Edition of this American Land. BCHA members will find segment 14:00 – 21:35 really interesting

Editorial LA Times – Keep mountain bikes out of wilderness areas

Editorial Keep mountain bikes out of wilderness areas Mountain bikers ride up the Cholla Trail in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park April 29, 2008. (Los Angeles Times) The Times Editorial Board The federal Wilderness Act of 1964 was not vague about its intent: to protect significant and as-yet unspoiled land and wildlife habitat from the ravages of “an … Read More

Saw Operations Guide

Operations guide The purpose of this guide is to define common terms and definitions and identify implementation standards for chain saw and crosscut use by Forest Service employees, volunteers, training consultants and cooperators. The FS Saw Program is designed to protect sawyers from accidental injury, illness or death during saw operations. On page 15 of this guide you also see … Read More

HR 1349 Passes Out of Committee

Now that HR 1349 has passed out of the House Committee on Natural Resources, the bill could be put before a “floor vote” in the House of Representatives at any time. When, or in what form, the bill might be voted upon is unknown. Give the speed and relative stealth by which this bill recently moved through committee, however, BCHA … Read More

Project Risk Assessment – New replacement for JHA

The old JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) has been replaced by the Project Risk Assessment. The newer form list each potential problem and the risk of going forward. This is the chain saw version, there is one for every category just like the JHA. Click here to download the PDF Viewer Presentation called Project Risk Asssessment- Chain Saw

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