Service Projects

Buffalo National River BCHA Centennial Ride and Clean-up 2016


A year of planning, months of scouting and grooming trails, and 11 days and 133 miles of camping and riding on the Buffalo National River in northwest Arkansas. Those are the stats, but the numbers don’t begin to tell the story of what members of the Buffalo River BCHA are calling their trip of a lifetime. Plans for the Buffalo … Read More

BCH of California Gets It Done, and Then Some


Spring, summer, fall, and winter, Back Country Horsemen of America works throughout the year to keep trails open for horse use. One of the original states to form BCHA, Back Country Horsemen of California donate their time and personal resources to creating and improving horseback riding opportunities across the state. Now You Can Lead a Horse to Water… Several years … Read More

BCH of Washington Surpasses Project Goals


Back Country Horsemen of America makes huge strides every year in their effort to keep trails open for horse use. One secret to their success is their habit of doing more than the job requires. If they’re fixing a trail tread, they’ll pick up the litter they find along the way. If they’re installing a bridge, they’ll trim that low-hanging … Read More

Pisgah BCH of NC – Building Sustainable Highline Systems


What do you do when a wonderful place to camp with horses is being “loved to death” and the ground becoming a boggy mess? Why you team up with your land manager, work out some plans, roll up your sleeves and get to work! The Back Country Horsemen of North Carolina , Pisgah chapter (Pisgah Ranger District near Brevard, North … Read More

High Sierra Chapter of BCHNV participates in Food Drive and Receives State Recognition


The High Sierra Chapter of BCHNV (Reno) has participated in the local “Share Your Christmas” food drive for the past five years. This year we collected over 550 pounds of food and $100, and as always, we delivered it to the drive up collection point on horseback, with a pack string. Nine members and 7 1/2 animals participated. The food … Read More

BCHA EDU Foundation Grant helps with Shoshone BCH Jack Creek Trailhead Project


2015 was a very productive year for the Shoshone Backcounty Horsemen of Northwest Wyoming. The SBCH has a core group of about a dozen people who enable us to accomplish many great projects. This year alone we planned and built 4 new amazing corral on the Wood River, repaired 6 feed bunks at Jack Creek, built a trailhead at Big … Read More

Meeting Hikers with Your Pack String in Tow


A smile is a powerful tool in the effort to keep stock part of the trail scene! – BCHW Western Washington Long Ears Chapter This photo is what we need to be working for as we trail riders and packers meet folks on the trail. The smile on the faces of these two unidentified hikers says it all. Several years … Read More

Extraordinary Efforts by BCHW Western Washington Long Ears Chapter to help Extract an Injured Hiker


When mules and horses are golden! – BCHW Western Washington Long Ears Chapter In July of this year as Sue and I were packing in a team of Biologists to survey the fish population on the North Fork of the Skokomish River in the Olympic National Park I had a field change thrown at us. My park issued radio cracked on … Read More

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