Youth Involvement

BCHA Invites New Generations to Join Them


The tradition of traveling long distance through wild lands by horseback is older than our country itself. Back Country Horsemen of America cherishes that heritage and protects our right to carry on that legacy. The participation of younger folks who hold the same passion ensures that the tradition will thrive long into our country’s future. Back Country Horsemen of America … Read More

Back Country Horsemen help Girl Scouts Earn Merit Badges


Back Country Horsemen of America protects our right to ride horses on public lands through a wide range of projects across the nation. Some of their favorites include passing on their hard-earned equestrian and wilderness skills to others, especially young people. BCH folks understand that our children will continue our quest to keep trails open for horse use while practicing … Read More

BCHA Teach Trail Clearing Skills to Boy Scouts


Back Country Horsemen of America strives to preserve our heritage of traveling by horseback across our nation’s stunning landscape. When this generation has passed, today’s youth will take up the reins of that objective. BCHA recognizes how important it is to teach young people how to enjoy the land while also caring for it. They take every opportunity to include … Read More

BCHA Gives Youth a Leg Up on Tomorrow


Across the nation, Back Country Horsemen of America leads the campaign of saving trails for horse use. They cherish America’s equestrian heritage and seek to preserve our right to ride horses on public lands for many generations to come. The next generation is here with us now; children of all ages who are fascinated with horses, love the outdoors, and … Read More

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