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Take Action on Yosemite National Park Management Plan, Please Submit Comments on the Stewardship Plan
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Do you desire to one day ride your horse or mule in Yosemite National Park along the park’s many Wilderness trails or even the Pacific Crest Trail? Have you been one of the lucky persons who already has visited Yosemite Wilderness, but wants to continue to enjoy the same freedoms that you did during your last trip? Please submit public … Read More

Pisgah BCH of NC – Building Sustainable Highline Systems
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What do you do when a wonderful place to camp with horses is being “loved to death” and the ground becoming a boggy mess? Why you team up with your land manager, work out some plans, roll up your sleeves and get to work! The Back Country Horsemen of North Carolina , Pisgah chapter (Pisgah Ranger District near Brevard, North … Read More

Mountain Man BCH of Montana Winter Horse Activitys
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Dan Stroud of the Mountain Man Back Country Horsemen of Montana  writes about one of their winter horse activity’s. Many of you in this Montana basin have horses that you spend a lot of time on in the summer, on trails, pack-trips, herding cattle and just riding. If you are like me, you sometimes can’t wait for it to get warmer so … Read More

Back Country Horsemen of Wyoming Annual Rendezvous – 2015
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Squaretop and the Lower Green River Lake Well; it’s January, 2016 and I’m just now sitting down to write something about the 2015 Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous in Wyoming. The Rendezvous was hosted by the Pinedale Chapter, called the Mountain Man Backcountry Horsemen, fitting for the area with its past trapper rendezvous. The Upper Green River Lakes was the site … Read More

New Poll shows Broad Support for Federal Public Land Ownership
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A new poll by Colorado College shows broad support for federal public land ownership. Up to 60 percent of Western voters oppose proposals to sell federal land to private sources or transfer ownership to the states. Against an uptick in anti-public lands rhetoric from militant extremists, a new Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conservation in the West Poll … Read More

Peg Greiwe: A Back Country Horsemen of America Horsewoman
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Back Country Horsemen of America is at the forefront of the drive to protect our right to ride horses on public lands, but they wouldn’t be in that position without the tireless effort of people who share their vision. Peg Greiwe grabbed hold of the BCHA mission nearly 30 years ago and still refuses to let go. Join the Family … Read More