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    BCHA Volunteer Hours Long or Original Report Form, Excel Spreadsheet

  • BCHA Volunteer Hours Short Report Form, Excel Spreadsheet Document.
  • BCHA Volunteer Hours Reporting Instructions, PDF Document.
  • BCHA Volunteer Hours full Power Point Presentation to share with your members! – PPTX Type Document.
  • BCHA Volunteer Hours full Power Point Presentation to share with your members! – PDF Document.

    BCHA Media & Marketing Newsletter Recommendation, PDF Document

  • BCHA Social Media Language Policy, PDF Document.
  • BCHA Gap Loans to States, PDF Document.
  • BCHA Logo Use Policy, PDF Document.
  • BCHA Handbook, a Guide for State, Chapter and Member Organizations, PDF Document.
  • Equisure Insurance Application, Microsoft Word DOCX Document.
  • Equisure Insurance Frequently Asked Questions, PDF Document.
  • BCHA Horse Camp Incident Form, PDF Document.
  • Legacy Trails Grant Webinar October 12 2022
  • E-Bike Webinar October 22 2022

E-Bike Incident Reporting Form

Click Here for Online Reporting Form

E-Bike Incident Report Form Printable

BCHA Shared Drive Access Request
This form is used to request access to the BCHA Shared Drive member resources. If you are a BCHA Officer or Committee member, this form is not for you. Contact your BCHA Committee Chair to get added.
This is the Email Address that is currently registered with BCHA. This will be used to verify your member access.
BCH State Organization’s Name
BCH Chapter’s Name
This is optional: If your BCHA registered email address is a Google-managed address, leave this field blank. If your BCHA registered email is not a Gmail address then enter a Google email account to use for accessing the BCHA Shared Drive.

Shared Drive Member Document Access

The BCHA member shared documents, committee proceedings and meeting minutes and others have been moved to a cloud-based storage system. The BCHA Cloud File Storage is managed under “Google G Suite for Education” and is easily accessible using the Google Drive App and your Google managed account. As a registered BCHA Member, you can request access to the BCHA Shared Drive by filling out the request form. Your email currently registered with the BCHA Membership Coordinator will be used for verification, so make sure your chapter and state membership coordinators have forwarded your information to BCHA.

To use the Google Drive App requires a Google-managed internet account. For users that use Gmail, just use that account and open the Google Drive App. For other users, you will need to create a Google account. A google account can be created with any account name like,, or Click Here to set up a Google Account Without Gmail . If you create your Google account without ending in “”, ( or any non-manager Google domain) you will not be able to use it for Email “under Google using Gmail”, but it will allow you to use the Google Drive App to download or view any BCHA member files in the BCHA Shared Drive folder and your email will work as before.

If you need help using the Google Drive App, here is How to use Google Drive – Google Drive Help. Here is information on how to create a Google Account with or without using Gmail. (IF YOU ARE CONFUSED OR UNSURE READ THIS FIRST Using BCHA Shared Drive).

Folders under “BCHA Shared Drive” – list below will vary based on your access.

  • BCH History
  • Chapter & State Resources
  • Executive Committee Minutes
  • Governing and Organizational Docs
  • Member Resources
  • National Board Meetings
  • Resolutions
  • Photos
  • Trade Show Booth
  • State Reports
  • Public Lands Reports