Crowdfunding Campaign to Start April 25th

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Help Back Country Horsemen of America keep trails open for you! 

Click here for Our Crowdfunding Campaign

In order for BCHA to continue protecting our nation’s trails for future generations, we need your help. We are organizing an exciting 45 day online ‘crowdfunding’ opportunity through the popular host We hope to involve thousands of BCHA members, supporters and the public from all over the world to rally around all of our hard work to keep our nation’s trails safe and accessible. We are having the official launch at our national event being held in Chattanooga, TN on Friday, April 25th at 7PM EST. 

We organized this online RSVP through Event Brite so you can save the date and time in your calendar to visit the new BCHA website AND to contribute to the “Keeping Trails Open for You” IndieGoGo campaign on Friday, April 25th at or near 7PM. Every dollar counts. By visiting our IndieGoGo campaign at 7PM, you are sending a message to IndieGoGo to put “Keeping Trails Open for You” on the front page of the site to expose BCHA to the hundreds of thousands of daily visitors that visit IndieGoGo everyday.

Here’s what you need to do to support BCHA as we launch our campaign:

  1. RSVP “YES” for this online event
  2. Save this time (7PM EST on Friday, April 25th) on your calendar
  3. Visit the BCHA website Home page and look for the “Live Stream” event happening at 7:00PM EST. If you can’t view or see the “Live Stream” then proceed to the link that says “Keeping Trails Open for You” campaign.
  4. Watch video on the IndieGoGo page, view the content, consider the perks, and contribute as much or as little as you can. The more contributions we get on Day One the more recognition we’ll get from the IndieGoGo folks. We want this because we want thousands of new eyes supporting and lifting up our work | your work!
  5. Finally, please share the IndieGoGo page link with all of your contacts (through Facebook, Email, Written Letters, Phone Calls, Texts etc).

Passionate sharing is crowdfunding.

The BCHA Team