Environmental Issues

Horses and Packstock Are Not Likely Sources of Harmful Pathogens in Waterways


Dr. Rob Atwill of the University of California, Davis, provided the following PowerPoint presentation during BCHA’s 2015  National Board Meeting held in Sacramento. He summarized the growing body of science that demonstrates native mammals, including squirrels and marmot, are far more likely to be the source of water-borne pathogens than either livestock or pack stock. In one study at Yosemite … Read More

Horses and Packstock Unlikely to spread Invasive Plants Along Trails.


Dr. Stith T. Gower of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, prepared the following two studies with assistance from the American Endurance Riders Conference. 1) Dr. Gower’s study on “Horses and Invasive Plants, The Western USA Study” and 2) Are horses responsible for introducing non-native plants along forest trails? Dr. Gower’s studies indicate that horses and pack stock are unlikely, if at all, to … Read More

The Horse Owners Guide to Water Quality Protection


The Horse Owners Guide to Water Quality Protection is an excellent resource document from the Council of Bay Area Resource Conservation Districts (CA) 2002 Horse owners can reduce the need for further regulation by taking responsibility to manage horse waste, limit erosion, control storm water runoff, and protect creeks and waterways. With an expanding urban environment, horse owners must diligently … Read More