BCHA Crowd Funding Campaign Launches

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Dear Member, Friend, Supporter, Advocate, Trail Enthusiast, Outdoor Enthusiast,

Our “Keeping Trails Open for You” campaign is NOW LIVE. Please visit the following link to contribute and share our campaign.

Keeping Trails Open for You Live Link – http://www.igg.me/at/bcha

Are you passionate about keeping our trails open for your families and future generations? If so, Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) needs your help. BCHA is a national 501c3 non-profit organization consisting of over 12,000 members within 174 local and state chapters who work closely with trail partners and local land management agencies to clear and maintain trails. BCHA has organized an exciting 45 day online ‘crowdfunding’ opportunity through the popular host Indiegogo.com and the campaign page is NOW LIVE.

Please take a few minutes to VISIT, VIEW, CONTRIBUTE, and SHARE the campaign page. The more people we can get to connect to our page soon after it launches, the higher our chances are to reach a significantly large public audience. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR 45 CAMPAIGN “Keeping Trails Open for You”. Every dollar and every share counts!

Here some ideas so you can help us share our Campaign to others.

Twitter Ideas- Try to ALWAYS include the actual campaign page link in your tweets and be sure to include our hashtag #BCHA in ALL of your tweets!  Also consider adding @BCHofAmerica.  This is so we can find your tweets and share them.  Also, try to keep the characters to 125 (or with 13-15 remaining) so we can easily RT your tweet.

  • Use trails on public lands? Visit www.igg.me/at/bcha Support their now live #Crowdfunding campaign! #BCHA @BCHofAmerica
  • Keeping Trails Open for You campaign is NOW LIVE! Visit and RT www.igg.me/at/bcha  @BCHofAmerica #BCHA
  • Help keep trails open for all! @BCHofAmerica #crowdfunding campaign is NOW LIVE! #BCHA www.igg.me/at/bcha #trails
  • Want to preserve common sense use and enjoyment of horses in the back country? @BCHofAmerica’s campaign is NOW LIVE! www.igg.me/at/bcha

Facebook Ideas –
You can use any / all of the messaging above.  We would suggest simply announcing that the “Keeping Trails Open for You” campaign is NOW LIVE and to encourage folks to visit, contribute, and share.

  • Please be SURE to include the campaign page link: www.igg.me/at/bcha
  • Also, try to include [[@Back Country Horsemen of America]] in your posts so we can see your post!

Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in sharing and supporting our ‘Keeping Trails Open for You’ crowd funding campaign!  We simply can’t do this without you. Your support is so critical towards the success of our campaign. Please help us by sharing via Tweets and Facebook, making donations or emailing you friends and co-workers.


Thank you!

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