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Saw Operations Guide

Operations guide The purpose of this guide is to define common terms and definitions and identify implementation standards for chain saw and crosscut use by Forest Service employees, volunteers, training consultants and cooperators. The FS Saw Program is designed to protect sawyers from accidental injury, illness or death during saw operations. On page 15 of this guide you also see … Read More

HR 1349 Passes Out of Committee

Now that HR 1349 has passed out of the House Committee on Natural Resources, the bill could be put before a “floor vote” in the House of Representatives at any time. When, or in what form, the bill might be voted upon is unknown. Give the speed and relative stealth by which this bill recently moved through committee, however, BCHA … Read More

Project Risk Assessment – New replacement for JHA

The old JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) has been replaced by the Project Risk Assessment. The newer form list each potential problem and the risk of going forward. This is the chain saw version, there is one for every category just like the JHA. Click here to download the PDF Viewer Presentation called Project Risk Asssessment- Chain Saw

OHLEC – Objective-Hazzards- Leans-Escape Route- Cut plan

OHLEC is what we would call a new strategy being used when a sawyer approaches any given cutting situation. Using this strategy a sawyer can assess any potential situation in falling or bucking and limbing. The sawyer stating what they see and what their plan is, the rest of the trail crew now knows what to expect. If the sawyer … Read More

Forest Service Chain Saw policy

In the new chain saw policy Volunteers are permitted to become saw certifiers at the C bucking and Limbing level for both chain saw & cross cut. Starting on page 18 volunteers can view the qualification’s they will be required to demonstrate for each sawyer level. One of the first things a volunteer should do is contact there Regional Saw … Read More

BCHA Education Foundation Offers Grants for 2018

The Back Country Horsemen Education Foundation of America directors are pleased to announce that funds are available for 2018 grant requests. These funds are from individual donations made directly to the Foundation; funds from auctions and raffle of donated items (including Peg Greiwe’s popular quilts) at the BCHA National Board Meeting and 30% of the donations made to the BCHA … Read More