Horses and Packstock Unlikely to spread Invasive Plants Along Trails.
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Dr. Stith T. Gower of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, prepared the following two studies with assistance from the American Endurance Riders Conference. 1) Dr. Gower’s study on “Horses and Invasive Plants, The Western USA Study” and 2) Are horses responsible for introducing non-native plants along forest trails? Dr. Gower’s studies indicate that horses and pack stock are unlikely, if at all, to … Read More

Newsletter, Fall of 2015 Issue
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The Principles for Advancing Outdoor Recreation and Conservation provide a unified framework for natural allies like us to reduce internal conflict and increase success in the protection of our public lands, waters and wildlife. We’re using them as the starting point in our conversation on Thursday, Oct. 8, at 9:15 a.m. during The SHIFT Summit. To support the Principles, we’ve developed The SHIFT Pledge: … Read More