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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioMar 6, 2019  This week on Equestrian Legacy Radio. … BCHA’s past National Chairman Jim McGarvey is our guest on SADDLE UP AMERICA as we visit …

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioMar 6, 2019  Equestrian Legacy Radio is Live Talk Radio for Folks that love the Western & Equestrian Lifestyle. Interesting guest, music, current events and topics of interest  …

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioFeb 6, 2019  On SADDLE UP AMERICA we’re joined by BCHA’S past National … JIM McGARVEY AND TOM THOMAS on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO.

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioJan 2, 2019  Thursday January 3rd on Equestrian Legacy Radio Multi Award winning … Association and BCHA’sJim McGarvey on SADDLE UP AMERICA!

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioDec 5, 2018  Thursday Noon CST on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO IWMA Hall of Fame … of BCHA Jim McGarvey on this episode of SADDLE UP AMERICA!

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioOct 24, 2018  AQHA’S EXCUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT CRAIG HUFFHINES along with BCHA’S past National Chairman Jim McGarvey joins us on this edition …

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioSep 16, 2018  Equestrian Legacy Radio is Live Talk Radio for Folks that love the Western & Equestrian … “Back in the Saddle” Sisters of the Silver Sage & BCHA’s Alan Hill.

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioSep 3, 2018  THURSDAY SEPT 4th 3 pm on Equestrian Legacy Radio’s SADDLE UP … BCHA’s JIM MCGARVEY & MONICA CHAPMAN with the AERC on …

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioAug 1, 2018  EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on your Mobile … President of BCHANorth Carolina join us for an update on horse …

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Equestrian Legacy Radio – BlogTalkRadioJul 18, 2018  Equestrian Legacy Radio is Live Talk Radio for Folks that love the Western … BCHA’s JIM McGARVEY and AQHA’s VP CRAIG HUFFINES on …