BCH of North Carolina Holds LNT Course

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I have included photos but want the Educational Foundation of BCHA to know how much the NC BCH grant was appreciated.  The photos will show you the use of materials and supplies as well as the 10 by 20 canopy for the LNT course.  This course had 7 attendees, five of which just graduated from high school and one that was a senior in high school this upcoming year.  The last student was an equestrian from Uwarrie National Forest.  Thanks to you support not only this LNT course but so many more in the future will make both the front country and the back country resource safer and more enjoyable for all to travel.

Leaded Instructors:  Christine Hoyer, Back Country Specialist Smoky Mountain National Park, and 4 others.  Again, a special THANK YOU from all of us and know the grant has supported this effort in a major way and will continue to be used to support the Leave No Trace classes far into the future.  Tom Thomas, Past President of BCH of NC and President of the NCHC.