BCHA Provides the Rationale for Why Congress Must Pass the “Forest Trail Stewardship” Bill

Randy Rasmussen speaks on the need for, and origins of, the current National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act. Our audience included BCH folks and trail supporters for the bill, Lewis & Clark alumni and other national scenic and historic trails supporters. A key point is the visibility offered by BCHA as the presenter of the webinar on this nationally important “Forest Trail Stewardship” bill.

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  1. Maary Lamar
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    The Missouri Farm Bureau has initiated an effort to bring the equestrian industry together. The Missouri Quarter Horse Association is actively involved in promoting their industry. The trail riding industry is huge in our state, nationally as well. Most of us consider ourselves stewards of our favorite riding areas and are preparing to organize.

  2. Mary Lamar
    | Reply

    I am afraid that my first comment was missed entirely as the webinar has started over. While Missouri equestrians have historically been quite segmented, we have every incentive to become a collective presence, one that has every reason to give back. I believe that the number of trail riders far exceeds other disciplines and we’re out there anyway, glad to share with other types of trail users.

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