Buffalo River BCH Arkansas Second Annual Kids Camp 2015

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Buffalo River BCH Arkansas Puts on the second annual  2015 Kids Camp!

The Buffalo River Back Country Horsemen celebrated their second annual Kids’Camping Weekend at the Woolum horse camp near St. Joe on June 26-28. Even more activities than last year were planned for the young equestrians. Among the exercises in horsemanship and agility were races to the end of the field-and-back carrying balls; sharing and carrying a strip of lavatory tissue between 2 contestants, balancing eggs on spoons while negotiating the area on horseback, getting to the halfway point of the course, jumping off one’s horse, bobbing for an apple, jumping back on and dashing back to the finish line, a balloon toss, and other games too numerous (or unbelievable) to mention. Seventeen kids, all children and grandchildren of BRBCHA members, aged from 18 months to 15 years participated in the three-day events. The trail rides all three mornings included trail work as well as beautiful Buffalo River scenery and were highlights of the day, followed by swimming in the river (with or without horses) to cool off after returning to camp. Hot dogs and hamburgers were the campfire fare both evenings and were well-received after a day of trail work, riding, swimming and playing spirited games.

The first evening set the tone for the weekend with an introduction to Leave No Trace principles and presentations of net-litter-goodie bags of helpful items with which to camp, to ride, and to keep a primitive area pristine. There were demonstrations on how to pack a horse for overnight stays, and some of the many ways to contain a horse in the back country with hobbles, high lines, and portable corrals. Saturday night after the games, Bill Kenter, (one of the originators of this weekend camp along with his wife Marjorie Heacock ), hitched up his team of matching gray horses and gave
everyone wagon rides around the area–a unique and lovely way to spend the evening. By Sunday morning’s ride, the river had come down enough to cross (after Friday evening’s storms), and many of the youngsters made their first exciting horseback water crossing.

After the last ride and swim, everything was packed up and made ready to break camp. Friendships and memories were formed that will last for a very long time. The whole weekend was such a success that the Buffalo River BCH may just make it three in a row in 2016. We’ll keep you posted.

Nancy Deisch
Buffalo River Back Country Horsemen

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  1. Peg Greiwe
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    Good job, Buffalo River BCH AR. Thanks for the good photos.

  2. Kristie Hefling
    | Reply

    Very creative and educational!! Did you have one in 2016?

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