BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service

FacebooktwitterpinterestmailNationalParkAgreementwithBCHADo you have a service project you would like to accomplish on a nearby national forest? BCHA continues to operate under a five-year Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the U.S. Forest Service related to trail maintenance and public education and outreach. We recommend you share a copy of the MOU with your local forest, this is not a very good copy but apparently the best they have. This copy is not signed but readable.

Many BCH chapters operate under a similar forest-specific service agreement, which often can be expedited if both parties are made aware of the national MOU. BCHA’s current MOU with the U.S. Forest Service is active to August 31st 2021. We maintain a similar agreement with the National Park Service and currently are in the process of renewing a 5-year MOU with the Bureau of Land Management.

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  1. bchadmin
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    Yes, The new MOU was signed in August but the version BCHA received was almost illegible. The new MOU with USFS reads verbatim with the one currently posted, in the meantime We’ll try to get a legible copy. Thanks

  2. Ray Maynard
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    The MOU with National Parks expired in 2019.

  3. bchadmin
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    This Post refers to the Forest Service, not the National Park Service. For the National Park Service, see this article, looks like it is good till 2021, see comments https://www.bcha.org/blog/2014/10/31/bcha-signs-5-year-agreement-national-park-service/. Thanks

    I will get Randy to comment on this one, to find out if it is also current, but I suspect it is.

  4. Randy Rasmussen
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    BCHA’s national MOU with the Forest Service remains valid through July 2021. We encourage BCH states and chapters to enter into similar agreements with their local national forest(s), using the national MOU as a starting point for negotiating an agreement that fits local needs. These options should include discussions about entering into a Cooperative Cost-Share agreement, particularly in light of federal funding that will be available in Fiscal Years 2021 through 2025 to address “priority deferred maintenance,” including trails, as per the 2020 Great American Outdoors Act.

  5. Randy Rasmussen
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    BCHA can provide advice and examples of Cost-Share agreements for states/chapters who have been invited by local Forest Service officials to consider such an arrangement, which could include reimbursement of BCH volunteers for fixed costs such as vehicle/trailer miles, stock days, etc.

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