Meet Our Person of the Day – Tom Thomas, NC

Tom Thomas

My name is Tom Thomas. I am president of BCH of NC.  I am honored to work with all our states members in maintaining the heritage and history of stock use in all wilderness areas.  We do this by putting boots and hooves on the ground maintaining trails, packing in equipment and resources for groups such as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We pride ourselves in maintaining multi-use trails so they are cleared of down timber, fast moving water is removed from the trail with grade dips and water bars. and they are overall safer for all users to enjoy.

I have a wonderful wife of 42 years, Brenda. Her support makes all things possible. We live in Pisgah Forest, NC.  We have one son, David. David works at the Univ.of Utah and loves the great out of doors as much as I do.   I am a retired public school principal of 35 years. During that time I volunteered in the Transylvania Rescue Squad for 18 years, my focus was high angle rescue and underwater rescue and recovery. I was also a member of the National Ski Patrol for 22 years holding the positions of Mountaineering Instructor and Winter Emergency Care Instructor for 8 years.  I enjoy many activities in the wilderness and all of them look better from the back of a horse or mule.  God Bless all the BCH throughout America, you truly make the phrase, “Together We Make A Difference!” come alive.

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