Incredible Progress on the BCHA Fundraising Campaign

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We launched our one-of-a-kind campaign last Friday with a bang (only 7 days ago) and we have already generated 45% of our fundraising goal. We’re the #7 featured campaign at under Environment and we’re the #1 new campaign of the week for Environment.

With hundreds of campaigns launched every day, this is great news. It’s because of committed hard working people like you that we celebrate the work, culture, and heart of BCHA. Thank you for your contributions, shares, and support!

We will be sending email updates every week as we move through this 45 day campaign cycle. There are many opportunities for us to use the IndieGoGo campaign page as a tool to reach thousands upon thousands of people.

You are this campaign. You are the ones who will help us launch this effort over $50,000 and into the eyes and ears of a whole new audience that can get behind our mission for years to come.

Please take a few minutes to do one or both of the following!

  1. Share the campaign link with your friends, family, and colleague networks through Facebook | Email | Sticky Notes at the Office | Phone Calls | Text Messages | On the Work Fridge! Be sure to tell them in as many ways as you can WHY you support this campaign and why you think they should. Personal emails or phone call are the best!
  2. Host your own potluck or event! Invite friends and colleagues to your home or community center. Set-up computers. Use the campaign page to explain the work of BCHA. Enjoy food and drinks and ask folks to contribute and share with their networks!

Just think, if each of us had 10 people from our network give $25 we would well surpass our goal! Please reach out to us if you need any support in setting up your own event or if you need any sample language to help craft your emails and outreach.

YOU are so crucial to helping us spread the word for BCHA. Let’s all push to get to 50% ($25,000) by end of day Saturday!!

Happy Trails!

~ BCHA Crowdfunding Team

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