2011 Winner of the Double Diamond Award

Congratulations to the winner of the 2011 Double Diamond Award

John Burns of BCH Idaho Salmon River Chapter

Camp Discovery at Heritage Days in conjunction with the Sacajawea Center in Salmon, ID

John Burns worked with the Sacajawea Center to create the first ever Heritage Days. The purpose of the two-day event was to inform and demonstrate living in the Salmon River area when the area was being settled. With the Sacajawea Center, John organized a mutually beneficial program exchange. John’s chapter provided programs relating to the back country life, BCHA, and programs of cultural and historical interests. The Sacajawea Center provided meeting space for the chapter.

The Heritage Days event featured many BCH programs such as Leave No Trace, Outdoor Travel and Activities, Navigating the Rockies without GPS (it didn’t exist in those days), packing demonstrations, learning knots and hitches and Dutch oven cooking. BCH held their programs and activities in a camp-like atmosphere, called Camp discovery, within the Heritage Days environment. Other programs offered at this event included talks and presentations about Lewis and Clark’s expedition in the area, trading with the Shoshones for horses, talking with horses and mules, Lost Trail Pass then and now, places and trails in the area, mail by mule, and activities for kids. The chapter provided all tents, equipment, handouts, brochures, and maps for the event. The chapter is planning the First Annual Heritage Days event this summer