About the Chapter Locator Map & Actions to Take to Be Listed

The Chapter Locator map on BCHA.org has been updated, when viewing the Map if you do not find your chapter when either using zip code search or simply just enlarging the map please do the two things below.

1) Please go to the link below, look for your state and chapters, update the information or if it correct, leave it alone. Add your name and date to the first column. The spreadsheet will automatically save your changes.


2) if your address information is correct go to Google maps and enter you information and see if it shows up? believe or not we have had that trouble for some reason.

Then contact myself (Mark Himmel) or Marty Devall with the chapter info that’s not showing up. At that point we check the info on the Web site work the problem from there. We have changed a few from “PO Box & zip code ” to Chapter “Meeting Location & Zip code” and things worked out.

I try to answer E mails each day letting members know that were working on it. If I can’t find the problem I bounce it over to Marty and have him look at it. Marty is very busy as he maintains other Websites as well as BCHA. 

Thank you  
Mark Himmel –  markahimmel@gmail.com  
Marty Devall –  web@bcha.org.