Advocacy Partners

BCHA recognizes the need to widen its base of influence through partnerships with other organizations.  Strength in advocacy is about presenting correct facts to the right people at the right time and making a convincing case for the cause.  It is also about gathering a large constituency base that is in basic agreement on a given issue.  Frankly, we need other trail riding groups support to grow our constituency base in order to be more effective in our negotiations with land managers and agency personnel.

Is your organization knowledgeable and able to represent its membership in Washington, D.C. as these decisions are made?  A partnership with BCHA adds your voice to this common cause of all equestrians and gives you the opportunity to share with your membership information that, while they might not be aware its happening, has the potential to greatly impact their access to public lands.

Please join as an Advocacy Partner with BCHA today so that your members will be counted in our important advocacy efforts.  Your participation is critical for the continued advancement of equestrians’ rights to ride on our public lands.

To receive an Advocacy Partnership Application Form please print this PDF, Advocacy Partnership Application Form or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at