BCHA Press Releases 2009 – 2013

Below is a list of old Press Releases, for current Press Releases go to Our Press Release Page.

  February 2013  BCHA 40th Anniversary
  March 2013 PA Equine Council as Advocacy Partner
   March 2013  BCH Receive Presidential Volunteer Service Award
   April 2013  Back Country Horsemen Keeps you Informed
   April 2013  BCH Washington Clears downed trees in Alpine Lakes Wilderness
   May 2013  BCHA give back to communities
   June 2013  BCHA’s 2012 Volunteer Value is Highest in History
   June 2013  BCH gives Youth a Leg Up on Tomorrow
   July 2013  BCHA 2012 Double Diamond Awards
   August 2013  BCHA Announces New Chairman
   September 2013  BCHA 2012 Legacy Award
   October 2013  BCHA Gets the Job Done with Low Impact
   January 2012  BCHA Regcognized by Local and National Organizations
  March 2012  Parker Elizabeth CO Riding Club as New Advocacy partner
   June 2012  BCHA and TWS on the Signing of Legislation re Sequoia-Kings Canyon NPs
   June 2012  BCHA-TWS Partnership Scores Huge Victory at Sequo-Kings Canyon NP
   August 2012  BCHA 2011 Double Diamond Award
   November 2012  BCHA Names New Advisor for Wilderness and Recreation


   February2011  Illinois Trail Riders as New Advocacy Partner
   March 2011  Keeping Youth Involved in Flathead, Montana
   May 2011  BCHA announces New Legacy and Double Diamond Awards
   August 2011  USDA Forest Service announced Grand Opening of 26 mile Dry Creek Trail System in NW Georgia
   October 2011  BCH getting the job done in Tennessee



   February 2010  Wild Riders Making a Difference for Horse Use on Public Lands
   March 2010  The One Meeting You Better Not Miss
   April 2010  Back Country Horsemen of America Embraces Youth
   May 2010  BCHA Recognized as Leading Equestrian Group at Federal Conference
   May 2010  Bring Back Country Horsemen of America to Your Area


   March 2009  Rider & Stock Users Learn to Travel “Green”
April 2009 Preserve American History the BCHA Way
May 2009 USFS Deputy Chief Speaks with Back Country Horsemen of America
May 2009 Educational Opportunities for Enjoyment of Public Lands
May 2009 BCHA Commends Missouri Victory in Right to Ride
  June 2009 BCHA Announces New Officers
   July 2009 ELCR and BCHA Form Alliance
   July 2009 BCHA Helps Rescue a Piece of U.S. History in Trinity Alps Wilderness
   August 2009 BCHA Build Relationships, Goals, Look to Future
   October 2009 BCHA Participates in Trail Work Days Across the Country
  October 2009 BCHA and TWS Working Together
  December 2009 BCHA Receives Development Grant