Meet Our BCHA Staff

Barbara (Freddy) Dunn – BCHA Chairman

  I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and have always had a passion for horses. Although I did not own a horse until I was over 40, my family vacationed in northern Ontario every summer for two weeks at a beautiful lodge that also had a stable! That’s where I spent my vacation time as a child and it just … Read More

Erica Fern

  Erica has been serving not for profit associations and societies for over sixteen years. As an executive director, she strategically implements board objectives including governance, membership, grassroots activities and programs. Fearn is the recipient of the 2012 RISE Excellence in Grassroots Advocacy Award presented for her work with the Connecticut Environmental Council. Fearn is a graduate the University of … Read More

Jim McGarvey

Jim McGarvey, is currently a past Chairman of BCHA. He is a horseman from Calhoun, Georgia, and was first BCHA’s first Chairman from east of the Rocky Mountains,  serving for years 2013 and 2014. I He is an accomplished businessman. As co-founder and CEO of BenchMark Consulting International, Jim built “the smallest company with the biggest clients in the world.” Its fifty … Read More

Randy Rasmussen

Randy Rasmussen is BCHA’s Advisor for Public Lands & Recreation. He succeeded BCHA’s legendary Dennis Dailey of Pinedale, Wyoming, who recruited and endorsed securing Randy as his replacement. Randy began with BCHA in 2012, and shifted to full-time with BCHA in 2014. One of his primary roles is assisting BCHA’s Executive Committee and state organizations to advance initiatives and strengthen … Read More