Trail Classification Assistance Program

These presentations are intended to be used to gain a in depth understanding of the new Trail Classification Process now used by the Forest Service. This training will assist members to assist the Forest Service in properly establishing the correct Management objectives for the trails in our National Forests. The US Forest Service also provides a website with training material and documents on Trail Classification, or as it is referred to on the site is Trail Fundamentals.

The BCHA Training is available below to view on the web or download the PDF Documents and Power Point presentation. You can view the Power Point files with a free viewer program from Microsoft or they can also be viewed with Google Docs.

Showing Videos –  Introduction to the BCHA Trail Classification Workshop & USFS Trail Classification Workshop View Part 1 – Why we need to be Concerned

View Part 2 – Understanding Trail Fundamentals

View Part 3 –  Approaches for Obtaining and Validating Data

View Part 4 –  Example Responces to Our Inquires

View Part 5 – The Planning Process