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Choose this option for all other donations. All recurring donations go into the Trails Forever Fund, which currently has a goal of $150,000. The funds will be used to develop national programs that will enhance and extend the BCHA Mission.

All one-time donations are used in BCHA operations as needed for on-going expenses, unless you specifically request it to go to the Trails Forever Fund.


Your Donations  Will Help Solve The Crisis In Trails

Yet there is an overwhelming crisis caused by the trail-maintenance backlog on our National Forests. In 2014 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that U.S. Forest Service is responsible for 158,000 miles of trails throughout 155 National Forests and National Grasslands. Yet in 2014 only one-quarter of its trail miles meet agency standards for public use.

This “backlog” in trail maintenance has only grown worse over the years. Trail users have witnessed deteriorating condition of forest trails that, in many cases, prevent public access as a result of their unsafe or impassible condition.

Unfortunately for all trail users. Congress continues to view public lands funding as a low priority. BCHA and similar organizations will be expected to maintain more trail miles each year. If BCHA and others do not provide this maintenance service, trails will grow over from neglect and public access will become increasingly limited.

With Your Donation You Can Be Part of the Solution

Partner with us and our amazing volunteer members by donating to the BCHA TRAILS FOREVER FUND. This fund supports the growth and future of BCHA, allowing us to continue our work nationally to protect trails.

The TRAILS FOREVER FUND provides a way for corporate sponsors, philanthropic foundations, and you the general public to share the responsibility for keeping trails open for everyone.

For individuals, making a tax deductible donation to the Trails Forever Fund is easy, whether you join our $5 A Month Club, provide for a donation through your estate, or make a once a year donation.

For corporate sponsors and philanthropic foundations, your participation in this fund shows your interest in keeping America’s treasured public lands intact for future generations, and also demonstrates your interest in promoting healthy lifestyles in the great outdoors.

Whether or not you’ve ever set foot on a trail, we know you want to ensure your kids or grand-kids will have the opportunity. To meet today’s challenges and future needs, you can help build a stronger BCHA with greater capacity to help bridge the gap in the public lands trail maintenance backlog.