TRAILS FOREVER FUND Programs Being Considered

More Financial Grants for Chapters

20% of all member donations to the Trails Forever Fund will go directly to the BCHA grant fund, increasing the number and size of grants awarded by the BCHA Foundation. All chapters are eligible to apply for these grants to help improve their trails, work with land managers or provide education.

New Chapter Programs With National Impact

The remainder of the funds will be used to develop national programs that will be taken directly to chapters across the country. The programs that are being considered are:

  • Educational Road Shows in both technical subjects (Trail building and maintenance, Leave No Trace, etc.) and in organizational subjects (How to be a leader, responsibilities of the State BCH Board, Federal Rules and Regulations, etc.)
  • More on-site consultations by experts to address specific trail or land management concerns
  • Development of partnerships with national suppliers that will provide products or services at a discount to members.
  • Providing assistance in establishing state or chapter 501C(3) nonprofit status.
  • Enhancing our website information for grassroots activities.
  • Providing a BCH Promotion Kit that provides boilerplate press releases, templates for ads in local newspapers, brochure templates and models, and a list of resources to help chapters or states develop a promotional plan.
  • A BCH State Affiliate Kit which contains model Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) which you can apply to your National Park or National Forest; sample recommended financial policies; sample budgets and guide to budgeting; and reading material on developing leaders; effective board meetings and sample agendas; etc.