Barbara (Freddy) Dunn – BCHA Chairman


I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and have always had a passion for horses. Although I did not own a horse until I was over 40, my family vacationed in northern Ontario every summer for two weeks at a beautiful lodge that also had a stable! That’s where I spent my vacation time as a child and it just fed my desire to become more involved in the horse world.
I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Business. Recruited by Hyatt Hotels, I went through their management training program at the Hyatt Regency Houston, where you learn the business AND do every job in the hotel during the course of the year. I worked in five different hotels and was part of two opening teams – the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee and the Hyatt Regency San Antonio.
After leaving Hyatt, I ended up in the cellular business in it’s infancy. Cellular grew, changed and expanded quickly and soon I found myself out of a job. It was time to move west.
I landed in Snowmass Village, Colorado where my best friend from college lived. I worked for the Resort Association in sales and reservations as well as Snowmass Stables. Then I bought my first horse. Then I met my future husband who was also a horse person. We spent the next several years doing a bit of team penning but mostly trail riding and camping all over Colorado and parts of Utah.
We moved to St. George, Utah in 2000 and it has been BCH ever since. Having never heard of BCH before, we attended our first meeting for the same reason many people do – to learn where all the trails are. We rode the trails and learned more about Back Country Horsemen and I’ve been an advocate ever since.
I’ve been the President of our chapter for a year and the Treasurer for probably 10 years. I did the newsletter for 5 years or more. I’ve attended the state meeting for about 10 years and have been the State Treasurer as well as doing the state newsletter for several years. I was elected as a National Director in 2008, attending my first National Board meeting in Washington State’s Fort Worden. An experience I’m sure I’ll never forget.
I’ve served on the Executive Committee as a Director and as the Treasurer and the Vice Chairman.
It is truly an honor to be entrusted with the leadership of this wonderful organization. I, along with the rest of the Executive Committee, will strive to stay the course of our five mission statements, while allowing BCHA to continue build our reputation nationally as the Equine advocates for trail access and maintenance.