What does BCHA do for you?

National Newsletter published quarterly – The newsletter contains information regarding the activities of the National Board of Directors and the committee chairs (Education, Public Liaison, Wilderness, Media Communications) along with news from the Twenty Five states represented in BCHA. This Newsletter is sent to public lands managers, legislators, and other organizations in addition to members.

Wilderness Committee – is in place to advise the state organizations in their dealings with public lands managers to keep the back country open to stock use. There have been, and currently are, several instances where plans have come out to block the stock users for one reason or another from the back country.

Education Chair/Committee – works to compile information with regard to gentle use on the land/leave no trace/minimum impact and other information that will assist the states in their quest to keep the back country available for stock use through education. Several of the states have extensive programs in place now and are willing to share with states who do not have the wherewithal for one reason or another to put their own in place. A Junior BCHA program is in process.

National presence on the “Hill” – representatives from the Public Liaison Committee make several trips to Washington, D.C. annually to maintain our visibility with our legislators. (Local contacts with the legislators is also extremely important.)

  • Website: www.bcha.org
  • Guidebook, publications and traveling display available.
  • Camaraderie with other stock users
  • Strength in numbers (13,000 members)
  • Sharing information with other back country users which also includes many new ideas for your use in dealing with public lands managers, fund raising, rides, education, insurance, liability, recruitment, and work party recommendations.