BCHA Signs Five Year Agreement with the National Park Service

BCHA chairman signs NPS agreement

BCHA Chairman Jim McGarvey signs a five years agreement with the National Park Service that encourages parks to partner with BCHA chapters on service and trail projects.

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Kentucky Back Country Horsemen Adopt a National Park

Mammoth Park agreement

Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Sarah Craighead signed an agreement with representatives of the Mammoth Cave Back Country Horsemen, a chapter of the Kentucky Back Country Horsemen, as a way to improve maintenance of the park's horse trails.
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Bryce Canyon National Park has backed off on proposal to require private horse owners to hire guides

Riders in Bryce Canyon National Park

Last spring the park announced plans to require guides, starting at $100 per rider, for private groups, citing safety concerns. Now, after a public comment period, park officials have withdrawn the guiding requirement and replaced it with one focused on trail etiquette.

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BCHA 2014 Fall Newsletter


 “I led my first pack string ever... me at 12 years old!!! I will NEVER forget it.” Kobi Mathies I am from Kansas, and had never ridden a horse until June 23rd. My first true Back Country Horseman trip was with my Grandfather on July 11th, 2014.

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